About DAS

Who we are and our approach to Core Fundamentals



DAS School of Art and Design is a modern Atelier Art School, giving dedicated training to a small number of students each intake. In the entertainment design industry, a “Degree” or “Certification” in any particular art course means little to employers, but rather a students Art Portfolio is the measurement criteria for employment. Art Directors for major game, film and media companies know that an artists’ skill is in their work, not in their on-paper qualification, and global industry professionals agree.

DAS School of Art and Design offers a comprehensive one year art training program for the entertainment design industry, particularly training in conceptual art and illustration for films and games. Students who finish a DAS course will leave with a certificate of completion, but far more importantly, they will leave with a solid conceptual art and illustration portfolio – their qualifier for employment in the industry.



Digital Art School, or DAS, is dedicated to thorough and comprehensive education in the medium of digital art and design for entertainment media. We focus on teaching strong fundamental drawing, painting and design skills for use in the pre-visualization and conceptual stages of film, game and product development, as well as for use in publishing, media, graphic novels and advertising. Our art directors are dedicated to ensuring students gain the necessary knowledge and skill required to be effective conceptual artists with professional skill sets. 

Digital Art and Design are now a cornerstone of any media production. We train students in the core fundamentals of art and design so that they may have a solid foundation for pre-visualization. Film, game and media productions require a multitude of creative assets, such as character designs, environment and set designs, as well as creature, vehicle and craft designs, to visualize the worlds and ideas in entertainment products. With the increase of film, game and digital media productions in South Africa, DAS is currently the only institution offering a full, in-depth course in digital art and design pre-visualization of this nature.



At DAS, we offer a full-time 1 year Foundations and Advanced Course in digital art, teaching students every important fundamental in drawing and painting digitally, as well as techniques and skills required to work in this diverse and exciting field. Our course offers students a solid basis on which to move into a career in digital art and design for entertainment media. Our course is also structured around a Live Studio Environment experience, emulating working in studios around the world, and working on large-scale simulated film and game products.

Each course is capped at 20 students to ensure every student gets the exposure and attention they need in order to progress effectively and efficiently on the path to becoming a fully fledged digital artist. The visual development industry judges based on the quality and level of skill as showcased in a prospective artistss portfolio. Students will leave DAS with a high grade portfolio showcasing a broad range of artistic and visual development skills.